An Education set visit 0

There’s a general impression of the British film industry that if we’re not producing cockney gangster flicks or sweeping romantic period pieces then we’re working on a yet another quirky rom-com. In the affluent suburb of Acton in London, RT has come to the set of An Education, a film that dares to be different. While the script bursts with humour, this is a film that’s decidedly deeper than the usual Richard Curtis fare, daring to explore topics as controversial today as they’ve ever been and to challenge preconceptions about the journey out of adolescence.


Exploring the Science of Sunshine 0

Dr. Brian Cox – neither the original Hannibal Lecter nor a character from Scrubs, but rather an experimental physicist – has a grin on his face the size of Saturn. We’re ten thousand odd feet in the air on a flight bound for Geneva and he’s just explained to Rotten Tomatoes UK that the universe is so large, so busy, so old and with such life ahead of it that the entire human race is not even worthy of a footnote in a fifty-volume encyclopaedia on its contents.

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