Javier Bardem: 5 Things 0

by Joe Utichi for Empire

Big and Biutiful: The Spanish star opens up…

1. He likes to build backstory
“It helps me to know where I am at the start of the movie, to realise what the consequences of what he did in the past were. Alejandro (Gonzalez Inarritu) and I did that together for Biutiful, so we’d be more aware of how deep the impact of what’s coming imminently will be on my character.”

2. He hates being the bad guy
“In 22 years of acting I’ve only done two movies where I, personally, kill people. Perdita Durango and No Country for Old Men. The Coens called me The Spanish Ballerina on set, because every time I had the gun, when they called cut, I’d give it back and say, ‘Take this shit out of my hands!’ They were laughing, like they couldn’t believe I was supposed to be the villain.”


3. He traded rugby for the movies
“I love rugby; I think it’s the most spectacular and complete sport of them all. But there’s no room for celebrities. You better play your role in the team, and forget about show business. I was still playing rugby when some of my early movies were coming out and I can tell you, they forgot about the ball. They were going towards me!”

4. He’s a massive Gleek
“I’m amazed by the quality of the performers in Glee, and the voices that they all have. I’m all about it. I’m trying to convince Ryan [Murphy, Glee’s co-creator] to let me do it, because I’d like to play this heavy metal rock-and-roll star from Spain that sings like shit. He has tattoos all over his body with nasty things that nobody will understand and he creates a whole mess in the class. I don’t know if he thought it was a good idea! But no one wants to see that happen more than me, believe me.”

No Country for Old Men

5. Despite a touch of atheism, he’s a spiritualist
“[For Biutiful] I went to see three people who have the gift of seeing things and listening. They don’t make a show out of it. Actually, they are very low key. Two out of the three I saw felt like victims of their own gift. None of them make money out of it, and they really help people that are lost to find their way to a more peaceful place. Beyond religion and belief, I truly respect and believe that because those people were not lying, and you can tell.”

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