My Movie Life: David Schwimmer 0

by Joe Utichi for Total Film

First Movie I Ever Saw
The one I remember is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but I probably saw something even before that. I remember it being particularly dark for a kid. And there was Fantasia – parts of that were quite terrifying too – which I might have seen even earlier. I don’t remember my first impression of cinema being terrifying, but I do remember those two films.

Movies All Kids Should See In School
There are two movies that haven’t been made yet. John Carter of Mars and A Spell for Chameleon. I remember as a young boy, ages 12 to 15, I read all of both series. They’re both being made into films and I’d highly recommend both of them as movies for kids to see. My mind was blown wide open by both of them.

Movie Everyone Hates But I Love
There are two Jesus films that I really liked. One’s The Last Temptation of Christ, the Martin Scorsese film, and the other is the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. I guess they’re both pretty controversial, but of the two I think I’d have to go for the musical. If people hate that, they’re crazy! I think it’s incredible.

Movie That Always Makes Me Cry
There are probably several. The first one that comes to mind, and I don’t know why, is Midnight Run. It’s an action comedy, but that one scene that completely takes you by surprise, when De Niro comes to see his daughter, and they can barely speak and she offers him money, those moments get me every time.

Movie I’d See As a Last Request
I’m getting too deep, but part of me wants to say Run, Fatboy, Run, because I might like to be reminded of what a good time I had making it. A Monty Python film like Holy Grail would be a great way to go. And I’d try to time dying right when they said, “Bring out your dead!”

Movie I’d Love To See Remade
I met on the idea of remaking Don’t Look Now, with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. People remember that as being incredible, and parts of it are, but in the end it gets to this little dwarf running around and it’s almost comical to me! Rosemary’s Baby would be interesting. Why am I thinking such dark thoughts having just had my first child?

Movie I Love That No-One’s Heard Of
Well, you guys will know it, but no one in the States has heard of Fish Tank. It’s a brilliant film and it was my favourite film of last year. I thought the filmmaking – the storytelling and the craft – and the performances were just so beautiful and sensitively handled, and it had a really strong point-of-view. It was absolutely amazing.

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